Support for diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

NHV PLANTAERIS is a natural relief to help pets with diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Reduce intestinal upset and diarrhoea with Plantaeris, a fast-acting, gentle herbal extract that will help your pet feel better in no time. Plantaeris is designed to reduce symptoms of diarrhoea.
Diarrhoea can be caused by inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, or parasites such as Giardia.
Help your pet with Plantaeris and ensure they have plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

  • Works quickly and gently
  • Helps maintain normal bowel function
  • Ease spasms of the digestive tract
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
    Safe for cats, dogs, avians and reptiles.


    For Cats & Dogs.  Twice Daily

      Weight   Dosage
      0 - 7 kg   0.5 ml
      8 - 13 kg   1.0 ml
      14 - 20 kg   1.5 ml
      21 - 27 kg   2.0 ml
      28 - 34 kg   2.5 ml
      Over 34 kg   3.0 ml

    For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop per 0.5 kg of body weight.

    Each bottle contains 100 ml.


    Barberry – Treats inflammation and infections.
    Mullein – Soothes and lubricates the tissues of the GI tract.
    Bayberry – Contains tannins, resins, and gums that control bacterial infection.
    Myrrh – Relieves spasms, inflammation, and digestive discomfort.
    Thyme – Improves digestion and relaxes GI spasms.
    Chamomile – Relaxes the digestive system.
    Chinese Peony – Reduces inflammation and relaxes spasms.
    Ginger – Relieves pain and stimulates circulation.
    Oregon Grape – Helps relieve indigestion and malabsorption.

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