Natural Remedy for pet Constipation

NHV MARIS is a natural remedy formulated by vets to help your pet’s constipation. It helps promote healthy bowel movements, a gentle, herbal supplement that will soothe your pet’s intestines, soften stools, and help relieve cramps and gas.

  • Encourages soft stools
  • Promotes gastrointestinal health
  • Supports good colon health  

  • Constipation may be a sign of a more serious condition. If your pet’s constipation is recurring, it’s important to schedule a visit with your vet to rule this out. For immediate, emergency relief of constipation please see your vet. 

    Safe for cats, dogs, avians and reptiles.


    For Cats & Dogs.  Twice Daily

      Weight   Dosage
      0 - 7 kg   0.5 ml
      8 - 13 kg   1.0 ml
      14 - 20 kg   1.5 ml
      21 - 27 kg   2.0 ml
      28 - 34 kg   2.5 ml
      Over 34 kg   3.0 ml

    For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop per 0.5 kg of body weight.

    Each bottle contains 100 ml.


    Cascara Sagrada – A medium-strength laxative that restores intestinal tone and muscle activity without cramping.
    Marshmallow – Controls bacterial infection and soothes and softens irritated tissue. Has a soothing lubricating effect on the intestine.
    Fennel – Relieves stomach cramps and reduces gas production.
    Eleuthero – Reduces fatigue and leaves your pet feeling more energetic.
    Dandelion – A vitamin-rich laxative that protects the liver and improves digestion. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.
    Ginger – An antispasmodic and antiflatulent that improves peristalsis and intestinal muscle tone.
    Peppermint Oil – Relieves spasms, improves digestion, and helps your pet eliminate gas.

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