Feline Respiratory Virus Support Kit

Help to ease the uncomfortable symptoms associated with feline respiratory viruses. 

FELIMM contains a herbal formulation with a broad spectrum of action. This formula helps support a range of viral, fungal, and bacterial related infections.  It helps strengthen your pet's weakened immune system, helps with appetite, and helps with energy levels.

  • Improves energy levels
  • Increases ability to fight infections
  • Helps combat upper respiratory tract infections
  • Promotes a healthy appetite
  • Supports detoxification of the lymphatic system
  • Supports immune system

RESP-AID is a herbal formulation that has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties. It helps with upper respiratory congestion, helps fight infection, and relieves shortness of breath.

  • Helps ease chest and nose congestion
  • Promotes healthy breathing
  • Natural anti-inflammatory action
  • Helps fight infection
  • Helps relieve shortness of breath
  • Support for kennel cough


For Cats. Twice daily

  Weight   Dosage
  0 - 7 kg   0.5 ml
  8 - 13 kg   1.0 ml
  14 - 20 kg   1.5 ml
  21 - 27 kg   2.0 ml
  28 - 34 kg   2.5 ml
  Over 34 kg   3.0 ml


Each bottle contains 100 ml.

Feline Respiratory Virus Support Kit

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