Support for pink eye (conjunctivitis) and watery eyes.

NHV EY-EAS is a herbal formulation with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties for conjunctivitis and watery eyes. It supports management of swelling, soothes itching and helps control discharge to restore eyes back to a healthy state, and prevents the spreading to other pets.

  • Supports management of painful swelling
  • Non-irritating gentle formula
  • Helps prevent spreading to other pets
  • Helps restore eyes to healthy state


Ey Eas can be used orally or topically.

ORALLY: To be taken twice daily.
1 drops for every 2lb of body weight up to 50 lb.

TOPICALLY: Using the dropper place a few drops in each eye.
Shaking of the head and rubbing of the eyes is normal.

Each bottle contains 30 ml.

Do not use with existing corneal ulcers.


Chamomile – An excellent calming agent, chamomile provides anti-inflammatory action to help soothe and heal inflamed skin.

Eyebright – Reduces inflammation and contains strong astringent properties. This herb has a very long history of use in eye issues. It also helps relieve itchy eyes.

Goldenseal – Contains strong astringent and antibacterial properties. Goldenseal has anti-inflammatory, properties and may be very soothing to a pet’s skin. It is effective for eye-related disorders and helps reduce redness in the eyes.

Rosemary – Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.


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