Ear Infections Gold Care Kit

ALGE-EX is a fast acting herbal supplement that helps your pet fight hay fever and environmental allergies. Alge-Ex can help your pet combat symptoms associated with allergies.

  • Support histamine and immune response activity
  • Eases symptoms of airborne allergies such as itchy watery eyes, rubbing of face and eyes, itchy ears, nasal discharge and sneezing
  • May reduce inflamed, scabbed itchy skin
  • Promotes improving your pet’s immune system

Do not use ALGE-EX in pregnant or nursing animals, or animals that suffer from autoimmune disease.

ECHO GOLD is a herbal formula with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory activity for topical use. It helps pets recover quickly from ear infections, commonly from wax build up, water or ear mites, and the irritating symptoms that arise from them.

  • Helps reduce inflammation of your pet's ear
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Helps eliminate discharge from the ears
  • Supports in reducing inflammation of the ear canal
  • Helps eliminate ear mites and infection causing triggers



For Cats & Dogs.  Twice daily

  Weight   Dosage
  0 - 7 kg   0.5 ml
  8 - 13 kg   1.0 ml
  14 - 20 kg   1.5 ml
  21 - 27 kg   2.0 ml
  28 - 34 kg   2.5 ml
  Over 34 kg   3.0 ml

For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop per 0.5 kg of body weight.

Each bottle contains 100 ml.


Warm the ECHO GOLD by placing the bottle in hot water or running under hot water for 30 seconds. Shake well. Place a few drops into the ear canal. Using a cotton swab apply to outer ear area as well.

Each bottle contains 30 ml


Ear Infections Gold Care Kit

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