Ear Infections Gold Care Kit


ALGE-EX is a fast acting herbal supplement that helps your pet fight hay fever and environmental allergies. Alge-Ex can help your pet combat symptoms associated with allergies.

  • Support histamine and immune response activity
  • Eases symptoms of airborne allergies such as itchy watery eyes, rubbing of face and eyes, itchy ears, nasal discharge and sneezing
  • May reduce inflamed, scabbed itchy skin
  • Promotes improving your pet’s immune system

Do not use ALGE-EX in pregnant or nursing animals, or animals that suffer from autoimmune disease.

Safe for cats, dogs, avians and reptiles.


For Cats & Dogs.  Twice daily

  Weight   Dosage
  0 - 7 kg   0.5 ml
  8 - 13 kg   1.0 ml
  14 - 20 kg   1.5 ml
  21 - 27 kg   2.0 ml
  28 - 34 kg   2.5 ml
  Over 34 kg   3.0 ml

For small animals (rabbits, ferrets), avians and reptiles use 1 drop per 0.5 kg of body weight.

Each bottle contains 100 ml.

ECHO GOLD is a herbal formula with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory activity for topical use. It helps pets recover quickly from ear infections, commonly from wax build up, water or ear mites, and the irritating symptoms that arise from them.

  • Helps reduce inflammation of your pet's ear
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Helps eliminate discharge from the ears
  • Supports in reducing inflammation of the ear canal
  • Helps eliminate ear mites and infection causing triggers

Warm the ECHO GOLD by placing the bottle in hot water or running under hot water for 30 seconds. Shake well. Place a few drops into the ear canal. Using a cotton swab apply to outer ear area as well.

Each bottle contains 30 ml


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