Is it safe to give NHV supplements with medications and steroids?
All NHV supplements and remedies have been vet-formulated to be safe to be used in conjunction with any vet-prescribed medications, drugs or steroids. If you have a specific concern, please contact an NHV Pet Expert. You can give the supplements at the same time as the medications or give them within a gap if you feel your pet has a sensitive tummy.

Do NHV Natural Pet Products expire? Where do I find the expiry date?
All NHV supplements have long expiry dates (years) and expiry dates are written on the shoulder of the glass bottle. Please note that once a bottle has been opened it requires refrigeration and will keep for 6 months in the fridge.  

I accidentally left my supplement out of the fridge overnight, is it still safe to use?
NHV products are all natural and do not contain any artificial preservatives. If the supplement was only at room temperature for a few hours and does not have a funny smell to it then it may still be safe to use. However, we have to leave this up to the discretion of the pet parent. 

My cat is refusing to eat with the supplements added to food?
If your cat is noticing the supplements in food, we would recommend trying a few treats to administer the supplements. You can try some tuna juice or a small amount of yogurt.

Alternatively, you can also try giving the supplements directly into the mouth using the dropper provided.

Am I giving my pet too many NHV supplements?
Based on your pet's situation, one or more than one NHV supplements may be needed to complete her holistic regimen. All NHV supplements are safe to give together. If you feel there are too many that your pet is taking then you may break the doses and spread them out throughout the day. As long as you are giving them consistently according to their therapeutic doses, it is fine. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

Can I use my cat supplement for my dog and vice versa?
Yes! NHV supplements are safe to use with cats, dogs, birds and other small animals like rabbits, ferrets, etc., it is just the dosage that is likely to differ as they go by weight.

Can I mix NHV supplements with other brand supplements?
We recommend you not to mix NHV supplements with any other brands of natural and herbal supplements to avoid clashes or over dosage of any common herbs. Please contact your NHV Pet Expert to get advice for this situation.