It was a beautiful sunny afternoon in August 2018 when we received heartbreaking news from the vet about our dear cat Angel 🐾 
Scans revealed she had a large tumour in her bladder. We will never forget the words from the vet that day. "You have 2 options for Angel" 

☝️ Let her go, put her to sleep, there is no cure or medication to help Angel's condition.
✌️ Palliative care, take her home, spoil her and give her Loxicom daily for pain relief.

Sitting in vet surgery that evening waiting on Angel's Loxicom (yes we went with option 2) we did what most desperate pet parents do. With tears streaming down our faces we searched Google for help 😣. And help was granted 😊 that was the moment we found NHV Natural Pet Supplements.

In September 2018 we travelled to Vancouver, Canada.  We met Patra De Silva, President of NHV Natural Pet Products, and her team.  We received such a warm welcome, and the help, advice and support given was fantastic.

We have been giving Angel NHV Natural Pet Products since September 2018. She is a happy, active girl and we are so grateful to still have her with us.

We wanted to help make NHV Holistic Remedies more accessible to UK and European customers so that they can help their pets live a long fulfilling life while experiencing the health benefits of NHV products.