Senior girl Poppy

Sweet little Poppy, a Yorkshire terrier cross celebrated her 17th birthday in August 2019 😍 
As a senior dog Poppy has been taking NHV Turmeric and Old Timer to help with her digestion, mobility and energy levels.  
Shortly before Poppy’s birthday, her sister Hope passed away. This left Poppy struggling with extreme anxiety, she had always had her sister Hope by her side and suddenly she was gone 😢
Poppy started to suffer panic attacks, racing around the house looking for Hope.  Her parents tried to comfort her but her little heart was racing.
To help Poppy's panic attacks she recently added NHV Lesstress and Coco Furcare to her daily NHV regime.

🐾 Lesstress helps calm her separation anxiety and boost the immune system 🐾

🐾 Coco Furcare helps spread a claiming effect and deodorise her coat (ideal, as she is a very elderly girl and baths can be stressful).

Although Poppy’s parents are heartbroken without Hope they appreciate how lucky they were to have her for so many years and are so grateful to still have love and cuddles from Poppy.

“ NHV supplements gave us an additional 12 months with our beautiful girl Hope, she had a fantastic quality of life right up to the end, we couldn’t have wished for a more lovable companion.  Her sister Poppy is struggling without her but is showing fewer signs of anxiety each day.  NHV supplements have helped our 2 beautiful girls throughout their senior years x”

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Zimba's new coat

Around September 2018, Zimba a happy young boy, developed sores on his legs and lost much of his fur on both sides of his body and back legs. His parents couldn't think of anything that may have caused this. 
The Vet gave Zimba steroid injections, this helped in the short term but did not fully clear the sores, or help his coat.
Zimba also tried special diets, but nothing was helping!
His mum and dad found NHV Natural Pet Supplements, and now, they are so pleased to report that Zimba has not needed any trips to the vet for steroid injections since starting NHV, and he has his beautiful ginger coat back.
“We are delighted to see our handsome boy looking happy and healthy. We are amazed how quickly his coat has grown back"
To get Zimba’s coat back to full health he started NHV Skin Relief and Coat Kit, consisting of Stimmune and Ouch Away Spray.
NHV Stimmune to help ease allergy symptoms and strengthen against infection 🐾
NHV Ouch Away Spray to help skin irritation, fight infection and stimulate hair growth 🐾

2 weeks after starting NHV     6 weeks after starting NHV

              Zimba 2 weeks after starting NHV  🐾       Zimba 6 weeks after starting NHV  🐾

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NHV Coco Furcare helps Tallulah's flaky skin

Tallulah was put up for adoption when she was almost 5 years old. She was handed into The Cats Protection Feline Welfare Charity by her family after they welcomed a new kitten into their home. Tallulah didn’t get along with the new addition, so sadly Tallulah had to leave.

NHV Coco Furcare Helps Cats Coat And Skin

After a period in foster homes, Tallulah finally found her forever home with the Logan family. They’d never had a pet before but were excited about sharing their home with Tallulah. That was almost 4 years ago now. Their sweet Tallulah Bell will be 9 years old this year.

It was a bumpy ride at first, it took many months of patience, love, and care to help settle Tallulah into her new forever home. But now life is a dream for this little princess. She gets constant attention and cuddles from her best friend Abbie.

NHV Natural Pet Products Help Tallulah The Cat       

The Logan’s jump to Tallulah’s every demand. What Tallulah wants, Tallulah gets! This has caused her to get a little chubby, or cuddly as we would say, and her coat has developed a small flaky skin patch where she can’t quite reach when grooming herself. 

🌿 NHV Coco Furcare has helped clear this up and has also added a beautiful shine and softness to her coat.

Tallulah is now getting fewer of her favourite Dreamie treats to help her slim down a little. 

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Helping Puppy Millie with Cleft Palate

Who could resist giving this little buddle of fluffy cuteness a forever home?

NHV Natural Pet Products help puppy with Cleft Palate 

Meet 4 month old Millie, she’s a little Maltese/Shih Tzu cross puppy. Sadly Millie was born with a cleft palate, but that didn’t stop her from getting a loving home and quickly becoming the centre of her mum and dad’s world.

She’s a friendly little girl, full of fun and bursting with energy and excitement. 

Millie eats well, is growing and gaining weight just like any other healthy puppy, but last week her vigilant dad noticed she was a little wheezy, coughing and had a runny nose. 

Thankfully Millie’s registered Vet was only a phone call away and quickly prescribed antibiotics after a telephone consultation. But for long term wellness, Millie needs a little extra support for her condition as she may suffer -

  • Breathing difficulties upon exertion 
  • Coughing or gagging 
  • Nasal discharge 
  • Infection or pneumonia due to food aspiration

We contacted the NHV Pet Expert Team who are always there for us and ready to help.

The knowledgeable team recommended adding 2 NHV supplements to Millie’s daily diet.

  • NHV Stimmune to help as an antihistamine (she's prone to more allergens entering her respiratory tract) and kill bacteria. 
  • NHV Resp-Aid to help her breathing and help prevent infections.

Millie responded quickly to her antibiotics and is feeling so much better. She started taking her NHV supplements a few days ago. We will be sure to follow the progress of this special little girl and keep you posted.

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Welcoming Willow

We are delighted to introduce you to Willow, a little Chorkie girl. Willow’s mum was a Yorkie and dad a short-coated Chihuahua. We brought her home at just 8 weeks old, she was so tiny! Although she may have been tiny in size, she had a huge personality. This little girl is so confident, afraid of nothing.

Welcoming Willow The Chorkie Puppy Into The Nature Angel Family

NHV Natural Pet Products are safe for puppies and kittens from 8 weeks ago. So as soon as we got little Willow home we started using NHV Coco Furcare.

It helps ward off fleas, keeps her smelling fresh and clean and with its natural de-stressing qualities was ideal to alleviate any stress or anxiety. 

NHV Coco Furcare Helps New Puppy Settle In To New Home

She has settled into our family so well and has been busy meeting and greeting all her new family and extended family members 😻. 

Willow The Puppy Meeting Angel The Cat


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Abandoned Lola

Choo San Goh - No - Lola.  Lola only answers to Lola, but I could be forgiven for wanting to change her name to Choo San Goh, the famous Chinese choreographer because Lola is silky black and gold and lithe and graceful and supple and swift and strong and she has very long legs. 

NHV Natural Pet Products Helps Cat Lola With Calicivirus (FCV)

Lola is friendly and affectionate to everyone except the cat next door with whom it must be admitted she is fierce and ferocious. Otherwise, Lola is adorable with a voice like a kitten when she announces her presence.

She loves black olives, coconut flakes and oil, vitamin c crushed tablets, brewers yeast flakes, melon, peaches and persimmons, and of course asparagus, green beans, zucchini, peas, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli.  If there are black olives on the table, Lola can´t resist jumping onto the table, which is strictly out of bounds...

Lola was 3 and a half months old when I saw her for the first time with a Great Dane, in the yard of the house I was to rent. I needed to paint and change things prior to moving in, and went there and found...Lola all alone.

I phoned the owners who said she must have escaped and they came to fetch her.

The next day I went there and again found Lola but this time I waited to see what the owners would do. They did nothing. I fed Lola and decided to keep her but I had to vaccinate her against Calicivirus because my other cat had it.

For 6 years Lola needed a vet only once for a respiratory infection. But then tragedy hit our family and subsequently Lola was diagnosed with Calicivirus, a virus that attacks gums. The vet said the only answer was to take out all her teeth but Lola would never tolerate that.

NHV Natural Pet Products From Nature Angel - Available In UK

So I looked all over the world for a solution. A holistic vet from South Africa told me about NHV and I thank everyone for these miraculous remedies that are allowing Lola to keep her quality of life. 

Lola races, springs and coils herself round passing doors. She looks and listens and sleeps and dreams and purrs painlessly.

May it be forever 💕😻🥰🐾

To help support Lola's condition and health she takes NHV Multi Essentials, Felimm, Mouth Drops, BK Detox and Yucca.

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NHV helps Duchess heal

Duchess, a lovely French Bulldog was enjoying running around her garden when. her family heard a distressing noise and ran to her rescue. She had been severely bitten and had large puncture wounds under her neck.

Unaware of what had attacked Duchess, her family rushed her to the emergency vet where she received excellent care. 

The vet suggested she may have been bitten by a badger or fox and recommended her wounds be stitched closed.

Concerned about adding further stress to their girls’ already traumatic experience, Duchess’ family decided to allow her wounds to heal naturally.

Having heard about NHV Natural Pet Products on Instagram, Duchess’ mum contacted us for help. We immediately got in touch with the NHV Pet Experts in Canada, who promptly advised 2 products for Duchess.

  1. NHV Felimm to help improve immune support and antiviral support.
  2. NHV Yucca for natural pain relief and help with her healing process. 

Thankfully after just 1 week of Duchess starting NHV supplements, she was feeling and looking so much better, clear signs of healing were visible. Her wounds were clean and closing over and she was eating well again.

NHV Natural Pet supplements helped Duchess healNHV Natural Pet supplements helped Duchess healNHV Natural Pet supplements helped Duchess heal

“Progress report on our tough little duchess, it's been just over a week now since our duchess was attack and 1 week since we have started NHV products and look at the results!! The results speak for themself in these pictures, and the best thing is she has her appetite back.” 

This was such a scary accident that has shaken Duchess and her family. We wish them well and will stay in touch to follow her progress. 

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Roxy's Rodent Ulcers

Fourteen year old Roxy had always been a happy, healthy wee kitty. But back in October 2019, her appetite was not as good as usual, and she appeared to have a swollen lower lip. 

Roxy's Rodent Ulcers

A visit to the vet confirmed this little girl had Rodent Ulcers. The vet told Roxy she would feel better after steroid and antibiotic injections. And she did. Several days later Roxy was eating well and the swelling on her lip had reduced considerably.

Roxy’s family decided to further support her condition with NHV Natural Pet Supplements. 

The NHV Pet Expert Team recommended 3 supplements to help Roxy’s Rodent Ulcers.

  1. BK Detox – This supplement is suited for pets suffering from autoimmune conditions as it helps to improve and protect the immune system. It is a great supplement for detoxifying vital organs.
  2. ES Clear – This is the main supplement used in supporting and fighting cancer. Not only this but it also purifies the blood and helps with detoxing vital organs. Like NHV Natures Immuno, the NHV ES Clear strengthens the immune system while improving life quality and increasing energy levels.
  3. Natures Immuno – A herbal blend of mushrooms that is brilliant for helping the immune system. This supplement was advised because of the rodent ulcer being an autoimmune response.  The NHV Natures Immuno supplement will help to target this response while promoting general well-being too. It is a highly researched product that shows some great results.

It’s been 4 months now since Roxy’s diagnosis and we are delighted to hear she is in great health. Roxy is looking remarkably well for a kitty in her senior years and is looking forward to celebrating her 15th birthday in a few months.

NHV Natural Pet Supplements support Roxy the cat with Rodent Ulcers

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Handsome Harvey

Harvey’s loving mum has put her trust in NHV Natural Pet Products for many years to help support her cats’ conditions and ailments. We at Nature Angel have been fortunate to get to know Harvey’s mum Sarah over the past 6 months through Facebook @natureangeluk

Sarah shared this wonderful story with us about how she and Harvey found each other.

Harvey and I first met 15.5 years ago, he was 6 months old then, a wild farm kitten, extremely nervy and hostile. The farmer’s wife had put down a big platter of chicken that cold February evening we selected Harvey and his brother Alfie, all the kittens tucked in except Harvey, this scared little mite who hid under a bench, bolted out, grabbed a chicken leg and scooted back under his bench for safety, at that point I said yes, I’d like him, the vulnerable scared one! 

We got them both home and my mum had said these pair won’t last the week, runny eyes, runny noses and Harvey with a cough. Lots of TLC and nursing and a trip to the vet and here we are 16 years later. For the first 6 months of Harvey’s life, I fed him behind the sofa at arm’s length while he took his anger out on me, hissing n spitting. It took him a long time to settle and gain confidence. 

Now he’s in his senior years, he’s had a rough time this year especially, he lost his blood brother Alfie, who he hid behind a lot and had helped him with his confidence, then, Sofie, a little kitten full of beans and mischief, came along, leaping all over him one minute keen to play, them licking him all over 100% devoted to him the next.

In April this year, he had terrible toothache and had to succumb to having to have some teeth removed as he wasn’t able to eat, and was in a lot of pain. It took him to September to recover from this awful ordeal, and to top it off the vet told us he had kidney failure. His asthma also reared its ugly head as the damp autumn weather arrived. 

We won’t be phased or let it defy us though will we Harvey?... We have NHV Natural Pet Remedies by our side, Tripsy, Turmeric, Petomega 3 (these made a huge difference to his coat that had gone dry and flaky), Resp-aid, Milk thistle, Yucca, to name a few… I’m such a big advocate for these products that my fridge is full! And it’s my go-to medicine cabinet.

Harvey and NHV

With Harvey’s health and my own, I’m determined never to give up, and won’t stop at anything to try and resolve a problem.

I can categorically say the NHV products make a huge difference to energy levels, coat health, appetite, movement and pain levels.

Harvey's NHV journey

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Itchy Paws Drake

We first heard about poor Drake’s itching problem in June 2019. This little guy is a 3 year old French Bulldog. He was a happy playful boy until he was 18 months old. Problems started with Drake licking and chewing his paws and legs, and small bald patches started to appear on his ear, back and face.

Prescription medication helped his condition and reduce his symptoms but didn't completely solve the problem. After a few months, his itching was worse than ever, with him unable to walk due to him biting his legs and paws. At this point, he started wearing a pet cone collar to prevent him from causing more damage. But this was even more distressing, watching him was heartbreaking. Drake's parents tried everything from changing diet, antihistamines, creams, scrubs, bathing in ice to help ease his suffering. Nothing was helping. They were desperate for help.

We contacted the NHV pet experts who recommended adding NHV Alge-ex and Stimmune to Drake’s diet along with NHV All Clear ointment for the sores on his ear, back and around his eyes.

Three months later Drake’s family got in touch with us and sent fabulous photographs of their handsome boy looking happy and healthy again. He no longer needs to wear the pet cone collar, his coat is healthy and the bald patches have gone. Most importantly, licking and chewing his paws and legs has stopped. His improvement is remarkable. 


"It's wonderful to see Drake look so healthy again, we have our happy boy back"

Drake before NHV

 Drake NHV Pet


Drake's skin is looking fantastic now.

Frenchie Drake and NHV Natural Pet Supplements

NHV Natural Pet supplements helped Drake's Allergies

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