NHV Natural Pet Products

Welcoming Willow

We are delighted to introduce you to Willow, a little Chorkie girl. Willow’s mum was a Yorkie and dad a short-coated Chihuahua. We brought her home at just 8 weeks old, she was so tiny! Although she may have been tiny in size, she had a huge personality. This little girl is so confident, afraid of nothing.

Welcoming Willow The Chorkie Puppy Into The Nature Angel Family

NHV Natural Pet Products are safe for puppies and kittens from 8 weeks ago. So as soon as we got little Willow home we started using NHV Coco Furcare.

It helps ward off fleas, keeps her smelling fresh and clean and with its natural de-stressing qualities was ideal to alleviate any stress or anxiety. 

NHV Coco Furcare Helps New Puppy Settle In To New Home

She has settled into our family so well and has been busy meeting and greeting all her new family and extended family members 😻. 

Willow The Puppy Meeting Angel The Cat