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Senior St Bernard Millie And Old Timer

Millie’s family sent us this wonderful heart warming message 🥰

"This is our 9 and a half-year-old St Bernard, we put her on NHV Hearty Heart as she is getting old and her heart is getting weak. She was getting really tired, lethargic, and not eating much.
We thought we were saying goodbye two weeks ago but after a week of taking NHV Hearty Heart she has improved so much she wants to go out for little walks now, her eyes don’t look so tired and she has stopped giving us that I’m at the end now look."

Millie the St Bernard
🐾 Pet parents know how difficult it is caring for senior furbabies and making heartbreaking decisions.
It's such a blessing to get extra quality time to spend together and make more happy memories 🐾❤️
Millie's goal is to celebrate her 10th Birthday in July 🐕🐾🤞🙏

Millie enjoying beach life

Millie's mum sent us these gorgeous photos and asked us to pick one for this post 📸 but we had to use all of them 🥰 she's such a beautiful, photogenic girl 🐕

Millie enjoying the snow