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Senior boy Gus and NHV Turmeric

Meet senior gentleman Gus, a handsome 14 year old miniature black poodle from the UK🐾
He’s an active dog for his age and loves to spend time running around the garden with his two brothers. But as Gus was getting older his mum noticed his movement was getting a little slower and he was experiencing some joint discomfort.

Gus’ mum decided to add NHV Turmeric to her sweet boy’s daily diet to help ease his joint pain and aid his movement.  And help it did!😁

   “Gus used to struggle to stand first thing in the morning, but now jumps to his feet”

NHV Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and nutritive properties. Turmeric helps with general well-being and is useful for a number of different health conditions in pets, including arthritis, inflammation, cancer, liver function, and kidney disorders.

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