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Roxy's Rodent Ulcers

Fourteen year old Roxy had always been a happy, healthy wee kitty. But back in October 2019, her appetite was not as good as usual, and she appeared to have a swollen lower lip. 

Roxy's Rodent Ulcers

A visit to the vet confirmed this little girl had Rodent Ulcers. The vet told Roxy she would feel better after steroid and antibiotic injections. And she did. Several days later Roxy was eating well and the swelling on her lip had reduced considerably.

Roxy’s family decided to further support her condition with NHV Natural Pet Supplements. 

The NHV Pet Expert Team recommended 3 supplements to help Roxy’s Rodent Ulcers.

  1. BK Detox – This supplement is suited for pets suffering from autoimmune conditions as it helps to improve and protect the immune system. It is a great supplement for detoxifying vital organs.
  2. ES Clear – This is the main supplement used in supporting and fighting cancer. Not only this but it also purifies the blood and helps with detoxing vital organs. Like NHV Natures Immuno, the NHV ES Clear strengthens the immune system while improving life quality and increasing energy levels.
  3. Natures Immuno – A herbal blend of mushrooms that is brilliant for helping the immune system. This supplement was advised because of the rodent ulcer being an autoimmune response.  The NHV Natures Immuno supplement will help to target this response while promoting general well-being too. It is a highly researched product that shows some great results.

It’s been 4 months now since Roxy’s diagnosis and we are delighted to hear she is in great health. Roxy is looking remarkably well for a kitty in her senior years and is looking forward to celebrating her 15th birthday in a few months.

NHV Natural Pet Supplements support Roxy the cat with Rodent Ulcers