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NHV Natural Pet Products Help Rolo The Cat

Thirteen year old kitty cat Rolo is feeling much better. Doesn't he have adorable ears 😻🥰

Rolo was adopted from the RSPCA at 6 months old and he is now 13, so he has been with us for a while. He is a lovely natured cat, but can be quite sassy if the mood takes him, but I love that about him.

NHV Natural Pet Products

I recently took him to the vet as he was vomiting up his food and had bouts of diarrohea as well as not wanting to eat at times and had lost weight. He was also lethargic and his mood seemed low, he lay by the front door looking uncomfortable which he hasn't done before. The vet suggested when first checking him that it could be cancer and they kept Rolo in overnight to do bloods and a scan and they put him on a drip. 

The following day they did a scan whilst Rolo was sedated and told me they had found a tumour and that it could be cancerous. I was devastated and asked the vets what they could do to help him. The vet suggested putting him to sleep but that wasn't an option as I wanted to help him as much as I could. I left the vet with no pain relief for him as it wasn't offered and was told to bring him back if things deteriorated. 

Over the next few days, I started looking into alternative remedies for cats and that's when I found Nature Angel, so I emailed and asked for suggestions. They quickly responded and recommended ES Clear, Natures Immuno, and Yucca for Rolo. I ordered ES Clear to begin with and I have to say since Rolo has been taking it which is 2 weeks, I have seen a remarkable difference. The vomiting has ceased, and he eats really well every day, he has gained some weight and seems much brighter and comfortable, and there has only been one episode of diarrohea (which could be because I have started cooking some more chicken for him). I decided to then order NHV Natures Immuno, he has been taking that a for week now.

NHV Natural Pet Products

I really believe that if I hadn't found these supplements, Rolo would have gone downhill and wouldn't have eaten or kept food down. I am so grateful to have found these supplements for my special friend and I am looking to order another that was suggested.


Thank you also to Nature Angel for their swift replies, help, and for shipping the items so quickly when needed urgently. I highly recommend NHV products.