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NHV helps Duchess heal

Duchess, a lovely French Bulldog was enjoying running around her garden when. her family heard a distressing noise and ran to her rescue. She had been severely bitten and had large puncture wounds under her neck.

Unaware of what had attacked Duchess, her family rushed her to the emergency vet where she received excellent care. 

The vet suggested she may have been bitten by a badger or fox and recommended her wounds be stitched closed.

Concerned about adding further stress to their girls’ already traumatic experience, Duchess’ family decided to allow her wounds to heal naturally.

Having heard about NHV Natural Pet Products on Instagram, Duchess’ mum contacted us for help. We immediately got in touch with the NHV Pet Experts in Canada, who promptly advised 2 products for Duchess.

  1. NHV Felimm to help improve immune support and antiviral support.
  2. NHV Yucca for natural pain relief and help with her healing process. 

Thankfully after just 1 week of Duchess starting NHV supplements, she was feeling and looking so much better, clear signs of healing were visible. Her wounds were clean and closing over and she was eating well again.

NHV Natural Pet supplements helped Duchess healNHV Natural Pet supplements helped Duchess healNHV Natural Pet supplements helped Duchess heal

“Progress report on our tough little duchess, it's been just over a week now since our duchess was attack and 1 week since we have started NHV products and look at the results!! The results speak for themself in these pictures, and the best thing is she has her appetite back.” 

This was such a scary accident that has shaken Duchess and her family. We wish them well and will stay in touch to follow her progress.