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NHV Hearty Hearty And Jim The Cat

NHV Hearty Heart Helps Jim The Cat 😻

Jim's mum sent us this heart warming message and beautiful photos of Jim enjoying the sunshine 🌞 with his brothers Allan and Wolverine  🐾🐾🐾

NHV Natural Pet Products

We were told that Jim has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy one year ago, when he was still a very young puss aged three. A combination of prescription meds and hawthorn elixir has been supporting his heart ever since. We think it gives him vital energy to roam and watch over his gardens (all of the neighbourhood gardens, basically), go on coordinated cat walks round the block with his brothers Wolverine and Allan and us, chase after insects and play in the tall grass, all the things he loves so much. He is our warm-hearted beautiful little bear, a cuddly Big Fluff, affectionate, bright and independent.

 NHV Hearty Hearty helps Cat

I have always been impressed with how quickly and efficiently our orders have been handled by Nature Angel. Just wanted to let you know that we truly, truly appreciate your service and attention to our requirements.