NHV Coco Furcare Helps Tallulah's Flaky Skin

NHV Coco Furcare Helps Tallulah's Flaky Skin

Tallulah was put up for adoption when she was almost 5 years old. She was handed into The Cats Protection Feline Welfare Charity by her family after they welcomed a new kitten into their home. Tallulah didn’t get along with the new addition, so sadly Tallulah had to leave.

NHV Coco Furcare Helps Cats Coat And Skin

After a period in foster homes, Tallulah finally found her forever home with the Logan family. They’d never had a pet before but were excited about sharing their home with Tallulah. That was almost 4 years ago now. Their sweet Tallulah Bell will be 9 years old this year.

It was a bumpy ride at first, it took many months of patience, love, and care to help settle Tallulah into her new forever home. But now life is a dream for this little princess. She gets constant attention and cuddles from her best friend Abbie.

NHV Natural Pet Products Help Tallulah The Cat       

The Logan’s jump to Tallulah’s every demand. What Tallulah wants, Tallulah gets! This has caused her to get a little chubby, or cuddly as we would say, and her coat has developed a small flaky skin patch where she can’t quite reach when grooming herself. 

🌿 NHV Coco Furcare has helped clear this up and has also added a beautiful shine and softness to her coat.

Tallulah is now getting fewer of her favourite Dreamie treats to help her slim down a little.