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Natural Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief For Dog Taz

Meet Taz, a senior border collie cross of fourteen years. A few years ago Taz was diagnosed with arthritis in two legs. Now he has severe arthritis in all four legs and has limited mobility, especially with stairs. He has been on veterinary medicine for several years.

Taz Before NHV Natural Pet Products

In March 2019 Taz’s parents contacted Nature Angel to see if there was anything we could recommend to improve Taz’s mobility. Thankfully the answer was yes.
Taz started with Old Timer NHV Natural Pet supplement. After just 10 days his parents could see an improvement in his mobility and decided to add Turmeric and Yucca NHV Natural Pet supplements to Taz’s diet.  

TAZ, 10 Day After Starting NHV Natural Pet Products

The difference in such a short time is remarkable. Taz’s parents will continue with NHV Natural Pet supplements along with prescription medication and are genuinely delighted with the improvement in his mobility and quality of life.

TAZ, 3 Weeks After Staring NHV Natural Pet Products