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Handsome Harvey

Harvey’s loving mum has put her trust in NHV Natural Pet Products for many years to help support her cats’ conditions and ailments. We at Nature Angel have been fortunate to get to know Harvey’s mum Sarah over the past 6 months through Facebook @natureangeluk

Sarah shared this wonderful story with us about how she and Harvey found each other.

Harvey and I first met 15.5 years ago, he was 6 months old then, a wild farm kitten, extremely nervy and hostile. The farmer’s wife had put down a big platter of chicken that cold February evening we selected Harvey and his brother Alfie, all the kittens tucked in except Harvey, this scared little mite who hid under a bench, bolted out, grabbed a chicken leg and scooted back under his bench for safety, at that point I said yes, I’d like him, the vulnerable scared one! 

We got them both home and my mum had said these pair won’t last the week, runny eyes, runny noses and Harvey with a cough. Lots of TLC and nursing and a trip to the vet and here we are 16 years later. For the first 6 months of Harvey’s life, I fed him behind the sofa at arm’s length while he took his anger out on me, hissing n spitting. It took him a long time to settle and gain confidence. 

Now he’s in his senior years, he’s had a rough time this year especially, he lost his blood brother Alfie, who he hid behind a lot and had helped him with his confidence, then, Sofie, a little kitten full of beans and mischief, came along, leaping all over him one minute keen to play, them licking him all over 100% devoted to him the next.

In April this year, he had terrible toothache and had to succumb to having to have some teeth removed as he wasn’t able to eat, and was in a lot of pain. It took him to September to recover from this awful ordeal, and to top it off the vet told us he had kidney failure. His asthma also reared its ugly head as the damp autumn weather arrived. 

We won’t be phased or let it defy us though will we Harvey?... We have NHV Natural Pet Remedies by our side, Tripsy, Turmeric, Petomega 3 (these made a huge difference to his coat that had gone dry and flaky), Resp-aid, Milk thistle, Yucca, to name a few… I’m such a big advocate for these products that my fridge is full! And it’s my go-to medicine cabinet.

Harvey and NHV

With Harvey’s health and my own, I’m determined never to give up, and won’t stop at anything to try and resolve a problem.

I can categorically say the NHV products make a huge difference to energy levels, coat health, appetite, movement and pain levels.

Harvey's NHV journey