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Discovering NHV Pet Supplements

Thirteen months ago we received heartbreaking news from the vet about our dear cat Angel 🐾
Scans revealed she had a large tumour in her bladder. We will never forget the words from the vet that day. "You have 2 options for Angel" 

☝️ Let her go, put her to sleep, there is no cure or medication to help Angel's condition.
✌️ Palliative care, take her home, spoil her and give her Loxicom daily for pain relief.

Sitting in vet surgery that evening waiting on Angel's Loxicom (yes we went with option 2) we did what most desperate pet parents do. With tears streaming down our faces we searched Google for help 😣. And help was granted 😊 that was the moment we found NHV Natural Pet Supplements.

Angel has been taking NHV ES Clear, Milk Thistle and Tripsy for thirteen months along with Loxicom from the vet. Last month we started reducing her Loxicom and switching to NHV Yucca. We are pleased to report that this has been a successful transition. She is bright and even more active than before. Angel is certainly living up to her name 🥰

NHV Yucca can help
🐾 support inflammation
🐾 muscular support
🐾 ease pain
🐾 improve appetite
🐾 eases digestion problems