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Dark's Diagnosis

Dark’s mum Dolors, kindly shared this heartfelt story about her adorable girl.

Dark is a beautiful sweet 8 years old female rottweiler, she is a service dog on the search and rescue team, who has already gone through too much.

Dark is part of a Search and Rescue Team

She survived a gastric dilatation the night of her 3rd birthday. Then an incident with processionary caterpillars a few years ago. And then everything seemed to be calm, but we couldn’t have been more wrong! 

Since July we started seeing some abnormal changes, and after a couple of months of vets' tests, we had no answers. It was suggested Dark may be suffering from idiopathic allergies. We didn't believe this diagnosis and didn’t like her taking antibiotics for such a long period of time without seeing any signs of improvement.

Dark at the vet getting blood tests

So, after some comments from great Instagram friends and some investigations, we decided to put our trust in NHV Natural Pet Products, and also went to another vet for a second opinion... we needed to put a name to her problems, it must be something!!... and finally, the answer arrived, Dark had Cushing Disease, which has no cure but can be treated. 

With kind advice from NHV Natural Pet Products and Nature Angel, as well as the vet treatment, her first blood cortisol test has finally brought "some light into the darkness" and showed that the medical treatment together with the natural supplements are working well. 

We have a long road ahead, but we have chosen good friends to walk by our side who help make it easier.

We expect to see some improvements in Dark’s skin and fur soon. We will keep you posted.

What supplements is Dark taking? 

Sweet Dark

Cushing's Disease Essentials Kit containing two supplements for Cushing’s disease as a natural remedy to help ease her symptoms.

NHV SUPRAGLAN is a balancing formula that helps control symptoms associated with Cushing’s, Addison’s or adrenal dysfunction like increased thirst, frequent urination, hair loss, and skin problems.

NHV MILK THISTLE helps remove toxins in a pet’s system and supports the liver.  It is especially useful for conditions like kidney disorders, cancer support, diabetes, or Cushing’s, or if a pet is on conventional medications. It supports the regeneration of the liver and kidney function, has antioxidant properties and may benefit as anti-cancer support.

You can also follow Dark's recovery on her Instagram account @rottweiler_dark_thor_snow