Rescue Cat Baby's anxiety is helped with NHV Matericalm

NHV Matricalm Helps Rescue Cat Baby

Baby, a nervous, anxious rescue cat aged between 7 and 9 years old has been with us for two years.

We don’t know anything about poor Baby’s life prior to being handed into the animal rescue shelter where she spent 3 months.

Choosing Baby was easy, she is beautiful, cute, and has eyes that just draw you to her.  She was also the cat who had been waiting the longest for a forever home.

Baby wants to be affectionate, but instantly turns aggressive, biting and scratching and lashing out.  Her adorable little face just melts our hearts, but also breaks our hearts because we couldn't cuddle her.

To help improve Baby’s anxiety we tried, sprays and plugins, but they didn’t help.  We then found NHV Matricalm. To our delight this has slowly but steadily improved Baby’s behaviour.  After 1 month of use signs of progress began to show. She was more settled and relaxed, and started venturing outside more often.

Update after 3 months 

Life for Baby, and us, is so much more pleasurable. She is our little ray of sunshine and makes us smile every day. Allowing us to give her a gentle cuddle, scratch her ears and chin is a huge improvement.  Her little character is shining through more and more every day. We still get the odd scratch and bite from her but we are hopeful these traits will disappear with time and continuing NHV Matricalm.

Baby    Baby snuggling with her dad