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Abandoned Lola

Choo San Goh - No - Lola.  Lola only answers to Lola, but I could be forgiven for wanting to change her name to Choo San Goh, the famous Chinese choreographer because Lola is silky black and gold and lithe and graceful and supple and swift and strong and she has very long legs. 

NHV Natural Pet Products Helps Cat Lola With Calicivirus (FCV)

Lola is friendly and affectionate to everyone except the cat next door with whom it must be admitted she is fierce and ferocious. Otherwise, Lola is adorable with a voice like a kitten when she announces her presence.

She loves black olives, coconut flakes and oil, vitamin c crushed tablets, brewers yeast flakes, melon, peaches and persimmons, and of course asparagus, green beans, zucchini, peas, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli.  If there are black olives on the table, Lola can´t resist jumping onto the table, which is strictly out of bounds...

Lola was 3 and a half months old when I saw her for the first time with a Great Dane, in the yard of the house I was to rent. I needed to paint and change things prior to moving in, and went there and found...Lola all alone.

I phoned the owners who said she must have escaped and they came to fetch her.

The next day I went there and again found Lola but this time I waited to see what the owners would do. They did nothing. I fed Lola and decided to keep her but I had to vaccinate her against Calicivirus because my other cat had it.

For 6 years Lola needed a vet only once for a respiratory infection. But then tragedy hit our family and subsequently Lola was diagnosed with Calicivirus, a virus that attacks gums. The vet said the only answer was to take out all her teeth but Lola would never tolerate that.

NHV Natural Pet Products From Nature Angel - Available In UK

So I looked all over the world for a solution. A holistic vet from South Africa told me about NHV and I thank everyone for these miraculous remedies that are allowing Lola to keep her quality of life. 

Lola races, springs and coils herself round passing doors. She looks and listens and sleeps and dreams and purrs painlessly.

May it be forever 💕😻🥰🐾

To help support Lola's condition and health she takes NHV Multi Essentials, Felimm, Mouth Drops, BK Detox and Yucca.