NHV Supplements Help Mickey's Cushing's Disease

Amanda Gordon

🐕 Mickey's feeling better 🥰

This is Mickey, a 12 year old springer cross. He was diagnosed last year with Cushing's disease, of which symptoms include lethargy, hair loss, drinking and peeing lots, and constantly hungry. The medication for this can have horrendous side effects so his family thought with an open mind and tried supplements.

After research and finding NHV Natural Pets Products Cushing's Disease Essentials Kit @natureangeluk, I got in touch, asked questions which you kindly passed onto the NHV vets in Canada. You got back to me so quick and with great advice.

Mickey has been on NHV Supraglan and NHV Milk Thistle for 6 or so months now and is doing great, his symptoms for Cushing's are so mild now, he's back to his happy self. He loves taking his supplements, straight from the dropper, he thinks it's a treat 🐶


I just want to thank all of you for being so helpful and your products are amazing 🤩

NHV Natural Pet Products Helps Dog With Cushing's Disease

Cushing's is most common in dogs and happens when the body produces too much of the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol helps respond to stress and fight infections, but too much or too little can cause issues.

🌿 NHV Supraglan supports a healthy adrenal gland and helps with symptoms of Cushing's by promoting healthy skin and coat, helping to balance the appetite and water levels.

🌿 NHV Milk Thistle helps detoxify and support liver and kidney function.

Thank you Mickey for sharing your story with us 🥰 we wish you well ❤️🐾

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Senior St Bernard Millie And Old Timer

Amanda Gordon

Millie’s family sent us this wonderful heart warming message 🥰

"This is our 9 and a half-year-old St Bernard, we put her on NHV Hearty Heart as she is getting old and her heart is getting weak. She was getting really tired, lethargic, and not eating much.
We thought we were saying goodbye two weeks ago but after a week of taking NHV Hearty Heart she has improved so much she wants to go out for little walks now, her eyes don’t look so tired and she has stopped giving us that I’m at the end now look."

Millie the St Bernard
🐾 Pet parents know how difficult it is caring for senior furbabies and making heartbreaking decisions.
It's such a blessing to get extra quality time to spend together and make more happy memories 🐾❤️
Millie's goal is to celebrate her 10th Birthday in July 🐕🐾🤞🙏

Millie enjoying beach life

Millie's mum sent us these gorgeous photos and asked us to pick one for this post 📸 but we had to use all of them 🥰 she's such a beautiful, photogenic girl 🐕

Millie enjoying the snow


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NHV Skin Relief and Coat Kit Helps Cat With Allergies

Amanda Gordon

Around September 2018, Zimba a happy young boy, developed sores on his legs and lost much of his fur on both sides of his body and back legs. His parents couldn't think of anything that may have caused this. 
The Vet gave Zimba steroid injections, this helped in the short term but did not fully clear the sores, or help his coat.
Zimba also tried special diets, but nothing was helping!
His mum and dad found NHV Natural Pet Supplements, and now, they are so pleased to report that Zimba has not needed any trips to the vet for steroid injections since starting NHV, and he has his beautiful ginger coat back.

“We are delighted to see our handsome boy looking happy and healthy. We are amazed how quickly his coat has grown back"

To get Zimba’s coat back to full health he started NHV Skin Relief and Coat Kit, consisting of Stimmune and Ouch Away Spray.

NHV Stimmune to help ease allergy symptoms and strengthen against infection 🐾
NHV Ouch Away Spray to help skin irritation, fight infection and stimulate hair growth 🐾

2 weeks after starting NHV     6 weeks after starting NHV

              Zimba 2 weeks after starting NHV  🐾       Zimba 6 weeks after starting NHV  🐾

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NHV Maris Helps Roobi

Amanda Gordon

NHV Maris helped change Roobi's life.

This playful cheeky chappy is Rooibos (named after the African Red Bush Tea), but he's better known as Roobi. 

Rescue cat Roobi suffers from Megacolon. He was distressed going to the vet every month, constantly impacted and uncomfortable. His vet recommend putting Roobi to sleep because of how bad he was 😥.

But his family weren't ready to give up 👊 Finding NHV Maris with some very carefully thought out medication and feeding changes has improved his condition! He's not been to the vet with Megacolon problems for 5 months👍

" He wasn't this playful when we first got him and put it down to his Megacolon, but since being on NHV, he has become even more confident, sassy and just an all round sweetheart! 
NHV Maris aided his prescribed medication SO much it's unbelievable! He is living a normal life and is such a cheeky bugger since he's been on both 🥰 It's honestly changed his life, so thank you all so much! "     

Roobi enjoying a well earned snooze with his sister Sugar (white dog) and brother Peanut (brown dog) 🐾🥰

NHV Natural Pet Products

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Natural Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief For Dog Taz

Amanda Gordon
NHV Natural Pet Products helps senior border collie cross of fourteen years was diagnosed with arthritis.  He has severe arthritis in all four legs and has limited mobility, especially with stairs. He has been on veterinary medicine for several years.

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Helping Puppy Millie with Cleft Palate

Amanda Gordon

Who could resist giving this little buddle of fluffy cuteness a forever home?

NHV Natural Pet Products help puppy with Cleft Palate 

Meet 4 month old Millie, she’s a little Maltese/Shih Tzu cross puppy. Sadly Millie was born with a cleft palate, but that didn’t stop her from getting a loving home and quickly becoming the centre of her mum and dad’s world.

She’s a friendly little girl, full of fun and bursting with energy and excitement. 

Millie eats well, is growing and gaining weight just like any other healthy puppy, but last week her vigilant dad noticed she was a little wheezy, coughing and had a runny nose. 

Thankfully Millie’s registered Vet was only a phone call away and quickly prescribed antibiotics after a telephone consultation. But for long term wellness, Millie needs a little extra support for her condition as she may suffer -

  • Breathing difficulties upon exertion 
  • Coughing or gagging 
  • Nasal discharge 
  • Infection or pneumonia due to food aspiration

We contacted the NHV Pet Expert Team who are always there for us and ready to help.

The knowledgeable team recommended adding 2 NHV supplements to Millie’s daily diet.

  • NHV Stimmune to help as an antihistamine (she's prone to more allergens entering her respiratory tract) and kill bacteria. 
  • NHV Resp-Aid to help her breathing and help prevent infections.

Millie responded quickly to her antibiotics and is feeling so much better. She started taking her NHV supplements a few days ago. We will be sure to follow the progress of this special little girl and keep you posted.

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Itchy Paws Drake

Amanda Gordon

We first heard about poor Drake’s itching problem in June 2019. This little guy is a 3 year old French Bulldog. He was a happy playful boy until he was 18 months old. Problems started with Drake licking and chewing his paws and legs, and small bald patches started to appear on his ear, back and face.

Prescription medication helped his condition and reduce his symptoms but didn't completely solve the problem. After a few months, his itching was worse than ever, with him unable to walk due to him biting his legs and paws. At this point, he started wearing a pet cone collar to prevent him from causing more damage. But this was even more distressing, watching him was heartbreaking. Drake's parents tried everything from changing diet, antihistamines, creams, scrubs, bathing in ice to help ease his suffering. Nothing was helping. They were desperate for help.

We contacted the NHV pet experts who recommended adding NHV Alge-ex and Stimmune to Drake’s diet along with NHV All Clear ointment for the sores on his ear, back and around his eyes.

Three months later Drake’s family got in touch with us and sent fabulous photographs of their handsome boy looking happy and healthy again. He no longer needs to wear the pet cone collar, his coat is healthy and the bald patches have gone. Most importantly, licking and chewing his paws and legs has stopped. His improvement is remarkable. 


"It's wonderful to see Drake look so healthy again, we have our happy boy back"

Drake before NHV

 Drake NHV Pet


Drake's skin is looking fantastic now.

Frenchie Drake and NHV Natural Pet Supplements

NHV Natural Pet supplements helped Drake's Allergies

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NHV Natural Pet Supplements Helped Senior Dog

Amanda Gordon
Sweet little Poppy, a Yorkshire terrier cross celebrated her 17th birthday in August 2019 😍 
As a senior dog Poppy has been taking NHV Turmeric and Old Timer to help with her digestion, mobility and energy levels.  
Shortly before Poppy’s birthday, her sister Hope passed away. This left Poppy struggling with extreme anxiety, she had always had her sister Hope by her side and suddenly she was gone 😢
Poppy started to suffer panic attacks, racing around the house looking for Hope.  Her parents tried to comfort her but her little heart was racing.
To help Poppy's panic attacks she recently added NHV Lesstress and Coco Furcare to her daily NHV regime.

🐾 Lesstress helps calm her separation anxiety and boost the immune system 🐾

🐾 Coco Furcare helps spread a claiming effect and deodorise her coat (ideal, as she is a very elderly girl and baths can be stressful).

Although Poppy’s parents are heartbroken without Hope they appreciate how lucky they were to have her for so many years and are so grateful to still have love and cuddles from Poppy.

“ NHV supplements gave us an additional 12 months with our beautiful girl Hope, she had a fantastic quality of life right up to the end, we couldn’t have wished for a more lovable companion.  Her sister Poppy is struggling without her but is showing fewer signs of anxiety each day.  NHV supplements have helped our 2 beautiful girls throughout their senior years x”

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NHV Coco Furcare Helps Tallulah's Flaky Skin

Amanda Gordon

Tallulah was put up for adoption when she was almost 5 years old. She was handed into The Cats Protection Feline Welfare Charity by her family after they welcomed a new kitten into their home. Tallulah didn’t get along with the new addition, so sadly Tallulah had to leave.

NHV Coco Furcare Helps Cats Coat And Skin

After a period in foster homes, Tallulah finally found her forever home with the Logan family. They’d never had a pet before but were excited about sharing their home with Tallulah. That was almost 4 years ago now. Their sweet Tallulah Bell will be 9 years old this year.

It was a bumpy ride at first, it took many months of patience, love, and care to help settle Tallulah into her new forever home. But now life is a dream for this little princess. She gets constant attention and cuddles from her best friend Abbie.

NHV Natural Pet Products Help Tallulah The Cat       

The Logan’s jump to Tallulah’s every demand. What Tallulah wants, Tallulah gets! This has caused her to get a little chubby, or cuddly as we would say, and her coat has developed a small flaky skin patch where she can’t quite reach when grooming herself. 

🌿 NHV Coco Furcare has helped clear this up and has also added a beautiful shine and softness to her coat.

Tallulah is now getting fewer of her favourite Dreamie treats to help her slim down a little. 

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Welcoming Willow

Amanda Gordon

We are delighted to introduce you to Willow, a little Chorkie girl. Willow’s mum was a Yorkie and dad a short-coated Chihuahua. We brought her home at just 8 weeks old, she was so tiny! Although she may have been tiny in size, she had a huge personality. This little girl is so confident, afraid of nothing.

Welcoming Willow The Chorkie Puppy Into The Nature Angel Family

NHV Natural Pet Products are safe for puppies and kittens from 8 weeks ago. So as soon as we got little Willow home we started using NHV Coco Furcare.

It helps ward off fleas, keeps her smelling fresh and clean and with its natural de-stressing qualities was ideal to alleviate any stress or anxiety. 

NHV Coco Furcare Helps New Puppy Settle In To New Home

She has settled into our family so well and has been busy meeting and greeting all her new family and extended family members 😻. 

Willow The Puppy Meeting Angel The Cat


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